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Proff deco was built in 2005Y in HangZhou China. The owners have been working and developing along with Deco Neon factory since 1996Y and together created and maintained the connectable system lights  with wide-experences and still keep working with advanced developments of Christmas lights for major markets in Germany,Austria, Holland,Swizterland ,and whole Scandinavia.


We are focusing on working out the different target series that could fit for consumer and professional both use, which we named Semi-Professional line, and we continue to develop this concept with more updated solution for real professional market as well. 


Our philosophy is there is no real gap between professional and consumer lights. Safety is always our priority for both lines.


We are expending the markets in the other countries and look for the lighting experts, who have similar philosophy as us, to work together in the Christmas, Garden, Party fields.


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